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30 October 2016

Clocks going back made the 7am departure to Wales easier as five of the Peaky Climbers (Maaca, Ben, Allen, Simon & Cricky) who took to the Brecon Beacons. No traffic on the M4 meant we made our departure point on time but only for Cricky to be met with unlimited distain from his fellow riders regarding the Welsh changing rooms (a disused layby) !!

Local tour guide Owain ‘Will’ Young (Grench Rider) joined up with us as we set off through the gorgeous countryside towards Abergavenny, where we met the start of our first 1500ft climb which meandered up a breath taking valley at a steady 5% gradient for 20km.

On route we experienced our first Peaky Climbers accident when Benbo ‘Rene’ Heavers managed to fall off his bike whilst stood still and badly gash the back of his leg, fortunately group love and Allen ‘Nursey’ Stacey’s expert 1st Aid knowledge soon got the big man up & cycling again.

The gradient increased towards the final 5 Km to the summit of Hay Bluff but didn’t stop Team PC smashing it in style, with a special mention to Skipper Macca who personal performance was hugely impressive when slaying the summit with a smile. However the climb had took its toll on our Tour Guide Owain who started to drastically drop off the pace but through huge encouragement he managed another 15km before firing a flare into the Welsh sky for daddy’s recovery truck.

However, this had eaten drastically into our day light hours which meant the ultimate challenge of the famous ‘Tumble’ would have to wait till our next visit, December 11th.

Allen’s local scouting knowledge then led us to an amazing café stop where the friendly local staff served us superb local hot food & beverages before a good photo opportunity was missed when we cycled through a village called ‘Three Cocks’ as Simon couldn’t decide which one of us qualified to be left out.

Homeward bound the Peaky Climbers managed to up the average speed well above 16mph along 35 Km of undulating terrain to be met with a warm welcome from Owain’s parents and a well-deserved cup of tea.

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