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06 November 2016

4 Peaky Climbers – Stewie, Allen, JB and Macca – headed off at 8am on a freezing Sunday morning from Wantage.

Frost on the ground and a bitter biting wind meant the first hour or so was hideous. We headed off past Challow Cricket Club, into the Childrey dip and then along to the White Horse Hill. 3 of us decided to head up Dragon Hill, which is the 121st toughest hill in the UK and peaks at a 17% gradient. I can’t believe it;s 121st, someone’s got that wrong!

For the first 40 miles we were cycling into a bitter Northerly headwind – great ‘hill’ practice but oh so cold. Up Ashbury Hill, into and out of Lambourn then up the long drag up Blowing Stone Hill.

From then on all pretty flat. All in all a positive ride – Stewie’s first for a month and as always Allen looked super strong. Half the Peaky’s out today, good teamwork and a good session…apparently the Arsenal v Tottenham game was more important for Nobby & Cricky, Ben was working and Simon was down the pub 🙂

60 Miles completed, ready for the long weekend cycle next week to Swanage & Bournemouth.

We are raising £30,000 for BRITISH Lung Foundation and Caring Cancer Trust

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2 Hour Sunny Spin

Sunny Sunday Spin...

A Cheeky 50 miles

After the fun that....


Peaky Climbers Team is raising funds for two amazing charities: BRITISH LUNG FOUNDATION and CARING CANCER TRUST

  • Goal: £30,000 / Raised £57,813 193%

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