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14 November 2016

While the 4 ‘hard core’ Peaky Climbers were cycling to Swanage and back, Stewie, Simon and Macca decided to crack on and head off out on a beautiful crisp sunny winters morning for a 100k+ ride.

Two super steep climbs and two so so climbs, plus an awful lot of undulating countryside meant today was still a challenge for the ‘not so hard core’ Peaky Climbers.

Hitting Manor Hill within the first 5 miles is always challenging and today was no exception. All 3 lads climbed in style and sped down the decent to Great Shefford. Cycling on the shady side of the road still meant it was about 3 degrees at we hit the steady climb towards the M4, turning left to Wickham and sunshine!

Macca missed the Swanage ride due to his pooch, Blue, having an operation to remove his meniscus in his knee. As you can see…Blue was not overly impressed!

Speeding through Newbury and Thatcham – forgetting the dropped banana issue – the boys pushed on towards Upper Bucklebury.

Stewie arrived and the top stating “that was much easier than last time…” – progress!!!!

Then the big one of the day, what is known as The Whitchurch Hardman, apparently. As we shot through the toll and headed up the climb – 2.2miles peaking at 15% – we managed to make it just before the road was closed for Remembrance Sunday.

We headed off and then paused for 20 minutes in a stunning Chiltern countryside setting to pay our respects to all those who have given the ultimate sacrifice. A very moving service, that spilled onto the village green and roads…with the last post bugler playing to a crown in absolute silence. Just beautiful!

The boys pushed on, up and out of Stoke Row. As the speed was picked up on the run down to Wallingford, Simon pulled over with a puncture. 10 minutes later and fixed we headed into Wallingford. Stopped at an ace bike shop Rides On Air to again pump up Simons tyre and to make a mental note that we will stop her for a coffee break in future!

En route to Didcot Simon got flat No.2. 15 minutes of changing tyres, running out of gas and the odd pump we were off again.

The headwind from Didcot all the way back to Wantage was challenging but all kept up a good pace to make it home in one piece!

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