The Tale of 2 Rides in Sub Zero Temperatures

Peaky Climbers Team, KoM Challenge, UK

4th December 2016

Ride No.1

Due to family commitments in the afternoon, 3 of the Peaky Climbers: Ben, Cricky & JB, decided to embrace the insane -5 temperatures and icy roads with a 7am start, this was to maximise the training time in the saddle. Some would say “that’s mental” – we say – “Allez Peaky Climbers!”

The intrepid trio headed out to the Cotswolds where JB’s bike quickly turned into a snow machine, chuckings balls of frost off his back wheel. It was so cold that Ben’s gear cables froze solid and Cricky’s Bianchi needed a little TLC, even since the recent mechanical repairs 🙂

With the coffee shop in Shrivenham closed the ‘Peaky 3’ took a quick detour into a McDonalds for some well earned breakfast McMuffins!!

When the boys hit the road again they headed towards the Valley of the Racehorse, via Ashbury Hill, with the winters sun shining in its full glory, masking the freezing conditions as the peloton weaved it’s speedy way into Lambourn.

After a quick shoe repair for young Ben, they climbed to the top of the Ridgeway and, due to the black ice, carefully descended the Blowing Stone at record slow cautious speeds.

Once past this the run in to the finish meant the black ice by now had fallen victim to the sun’s rays as the boys upped the ante to am impressive 18mph average.

The 3 Peaky Climbers were left very satisfied with their early morning efforts, swapping their duvets for snoods and showing ultimate commitment to the cause!

Ride No.2

Disco Stu and Macca agreed to meet at 9am in -3 temperatures. It was that cold, Macca didn’t realise he left his cycle helmet at home…so after a quick detour to pick it up the Dynamic Duo headed off towards Challow, Childrey and then the far side of Stanford.

The first hour of the ride was absolutely awful. It was unbelievably cold, with fingers and toes frozen and descending the slightest of descent meant the cold wind bit into their faces. Fair play to the ‘Peaky 3’ at -5!

Once out past Longcot and some pace and momentum built the frost bite soon faded away as the sun started to win it’s battle against the frost. Gorgeous sunshine met the boys as they climbed Ashbury Hill then down into Lambourn…following the same route as the ‘Peaky3’ from earlier.

A superb 90 cadence climb up the long drag to the top of Sincombe Hill, the duo decided to go straight over the top, immediately turning round at the bottom and climbing the steep 10% back up Sincombe.

Retracing their ride towards Lambourn, then a sharp right turn heading back up the drag to Blowing Stone and then home via Baulking, Denchworth and Grove.

A sensational last 2 hours, a huge challenge in the first hour and onec again Disco Stu showing his new training regime is paying dividends!

Next week…65+ miles, 5,000+ feet of climbing in Wales…bring on The Tumble!!!

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