Peaky Climber SOLO RIDE, Las Vegas

3 January 2017

After a cold New Year in the UK, Peaky team skipper, Macca, headed off to Las Vegas for the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) from a freezing Gatwick airport…this is genuinely an annual work pilgrimage and not an excuse for any post New Year partying!

The reason for going a couple of days earlier was to ensure he could book a cycle ride and spread the word internationally about the Peaky cause.

Having evaluated 3 companies, Macca decided to book with Bob McCall at A pick up from the Venetian Hotel was scheduled for 12.30pm on the 3rd January and Macca’s guide for the day was to be Vic Miera.

Now what do you pack and take for a cycle ride in Vegas?? Based on the extra kit Vic provided – hat, long fingered gloves, knee covers, toe cap covers – Macca was totally unprepared for the Las Vegas cold, especially as we would be cycling at 3,000 feet above sea level!

Once the bike was chosen, fitted and all kit was properly attired, we were off. Starting from the lovely Summerlin area and heading out on a steady climb to the entrance to the Red Rock Canyon park.

At the Top

Outside of cycling on the right, there were a couple of very unusual things to note: 1. There was a wide cycle lane which meant we shared the road equally with cars and 2. There were no potholes to contend with – all smooth, but on the odd occasion stony, roads.

The 50 mile route that Vic planned would take us through this entire beautiful landscape. As soon as we turned right into Red Rock Canyon, Vic stated this is where the 5 mile climb starts. This was a steady long climb, what made it especially challenging were not only the hundreds of tourists driving, parking, climbing and hiking around but the air – it was so thin as we were way above sea level that catching your breath was quite tough. As an asthmatic, Macca found the going even tougher.

Trying to cycle up this climb and take in this breathtaking scenery was a real challenge, but eventually we arrived at the 5 mile marker and stopped at the car park to take a couple of photo’s

We then headed down the otherside, picking up speeds of 40mph as we whizzed past cars, taking on the bends and the thrill of the cold Las Vegas air whipping past us.

Vic advised Macca pick up pace on the decent as after 1.5 miles there is a sharp 15% gradient that is known locally as The Wall…we are Peaky Climbers…Macca hit the wall head on and powered through!

The ride then took us out of Red Rock on a fast downhill section into the sleepy town of Blue Diamond, population 290, or so the sign said!    

After a quick pit stop and some sneaky cashew nuts we headed back towards Red Rock and up the damn hills we’d just shot down!! A slight tail wind assisted the cycle as we re-traced our steps past Red Rock and headed back to base as Summerlin.

An absolutely fantastic experience. Vic was a top guide and a top bloke, the scenery was incredible and the ride itself was short, sweet and very challenging – especially being able to ride at altitude.

Peaky Climbers will be on tour more in 2017…watch this space for the next adventure!

We are raising £30,000 for BRITISH Lung Foundation and Caring Cancer Trust

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Peaky Climbers Team is raising funds for two amazing charities: BRITISH LUNG FOUNDATION and CARING CANCER TRUST

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