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1st March 2017

On Sunday morning bright & early Nobby & Cricky, aka Hinge & Bracket took rode off towards the Ridgeway with the objective of multiple climbs of Sincome Hill. Hackpin Hill as it is also known as by locals had been selected from all the Ridgeway climbs by John Boaler (The Peaky Climber with previous Alp experience), as the one that most typified the average gradient the Team will experience during their King of the Mountain challenge in September.   

Sincome Hill from bottom to top is 1.4 miles in length and 329ft in height gain and to bring this in to perspective with the Peaky Climbers mammoth task in front of them would mean they would have to climb it 49 times to match Day 4 in the Alps, Mont Vontoux (3 ascents) . The morning was bathed in beautiful sunshine but alas the last remnants of Storm Doris were still blowing straight in to the boys faces at the bottom and top sections of the climb but unperturbed the duo ploughed into the training session in true Peaky fashion.

An hour in to the session the boys had racked up an impressive five climbs, stopping briefly at the Sparshot Firs triangle for a quick drink or energy refreshment. A truce had been declared between the competitive rivals at the start to climb at 80% peak performance to see if they could maintain a steady average climbing speed and although at times both had a little pop at each other they stuck to the plan which seemed to work effectively

On the 8th descent several friends of Nobby’s rally called the boys from the parking area for dog walkers at the top, with an obvious knowledge of the Peaky Climbers objective for the training. This then inspired the boys to crack on and complete an impressive ten assents of Sincome in a very respectable time of approx. two hours.

Written by Mr Mark Crick Esq

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