Beautiful Peak District Ride

Peaky Climbers Team, John Boaler

18th March 2017

I was away for the weekend In Stoke on Trent due to being best-man at my brother Tim’s wedding. But in true Peaky Climber tradition took my bike and squeezed in a training ride early in the morning before being back on duty. For this ride I was joined by Guest Peaky for the day, Oliver Burton my nephew.

We got an early breakfast and drove by car from Stoke to Leek where we parked to the north on the A53. We had planned a 2 hour circular route with 1000M climbing going over to Buxton on the A53 and then back on the A54 towards Congleton before heading cross country back to Leek. We started off and headed up the A53 past the Roaches (A prominent Rocky Ridge) and through Goldsitch Moss and onto Flash at the top of the 30 minute climb. When we got to the top there was a very heavy crosswind, so bad it nearly blew Ollie off his bike!

We tried to start descending down the other side into Buxton but it was so strong that we had to pedal hard to keep moving even though it was downhill! We decided it would better to turn around and head back to the Roaches and cycle on the other side of the hills to get some shelter. 

Once down out of the wind we headed off the A53 to cross over Tittesworth Resevoir and back round up the other side of the Roaches. 

The scenery and view from there across the reservoir and down to Leek is spectacular and well worth the hard ride in the wind earlier. Once back to the A53 we headed back up the hill for a 2nd time to add some more climbing to the morning (750M in total) and then headed back down to the car as our 2 hours was up.

When we got back I found Tim chilling in the Gym and Spa at the hotel, all was under control apparently. He would normally have come on the bike ride with us but thought it was best not to in case anything went wrong!! We then sat in the bar and watched some of the Milan San Remo with a beer before going off to get suited up ready for the ceremony at 4pm.

It was a lovely day for both our families and we wish Tim & Karen all the best for their future life together!

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