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19th March 2017

The rest of the PEAKY CLIMBERS were taking on the Childrey Classic, PEAKY Skipper Macca had to dive out due to a prior meeting about the forthcoming PEAKY CLIMBERS GOLF DAY on May 25th (see more here)

A 60 mile circular route from Frilford Heath Golf Club, to the north of Bicester and then back again via Woodstock was planned and loaded to the Garmin.

The ride started well and headed out and up Boars Hill towards Oxford.

Fortunately, the planned route took all the sneaky routes through, around and out of Oxford – the city looked wonderful this morning. 

After some good flat roads and a sharp left turn the Gidley Way climb was a nice surprise at 7%, although only a short and punchy climb.

The wind by this time was picking up a treat. Now out into the open countryside there were few buildings giving any protection.

Side winds galore meant keeping concentration was key as the undulating road weaved its way to Bicester. Having never cycled any of these roads before, it was a real treat seeing some gorgeous hamlets, woods and nature reserves…but no chance of stopping!


As it was a solo ride, no coffee stops were planned…just the odd stop to take on some beautiful home made flapjack and ‘power balls’…what a great wife I have 🙂


Now warming up, the jacket came off and Macca sped into Bicester – except when it was a headwind, and it was anything but speedy!

The headwind was now hitting 30mph passing Chesterton, Bicester Golf Club and then on some good roads past Kirtlington Polo Club…now there’s something to do in the summer chaps!

Even bumping into a good buddy, Simon Fletcher, who was finishing his Sunday morning MTB ride.

The wind kept whipping up and the last 90 minutes was virtually 100% into it…it was tough going!

Eventually after passing through Bladen, Stanton Harcourt and Standlake Macca was soon back at Tubney and the last stage of the ride…arriving back at Frilford Heath tired, but safe and sound!

Next week…back in the pack with the team!!!

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