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6th August 2017

After last weeks London100, most of the guys had a ‘recovery’ training week. So today, the plan was a solid 40+ miles taking in a few hills and some sensational countryside.

Simon and Ben left Denchworth at 8.15am and met Macca at 8.30am in Wantage. It was then straight up Chain Hill which peaks at 13% early on, and averages 3% over it’s 3 mile ride. There are 3 big spikes across the length of it and always seemingly with a headwind…tough but gorgeous.

Ben was using his ‘spare’ bike, still with panier rack on, but this didn’t stop him riding impressively all day. Simon’s training plan is clearly working as he climbed Chain Hill without any issues.

It was then over the top and down, turning a sharp right and heading down towards Great Shefford, then up the steep long climb towards the M4 – but today, instead of the usual left to Wickham, the guys turned right towards Woodlands St Mary.

This long undulating road headed towards Swindon, through Lambourn Woodlands and Baydon. The Sunday morning sunshine was absolutely breathtaking, this coupled with the incredible scenary enabled Fun Boy Three to ride with real smiles on their faces.

A swift right hand turn taken, the usual ‘pit stop’ requirement for Simon plus a team photo, then it was on and upwards heading towards Hinton Parva.

A quick coffee stop at Bishopstone, then it was out to Asbury then on the road towards the White Horse Hill, before dropping into Woolstone. The familiar route back towards Denchworth was a nice relaxed ride today, plenty of chat and laughter all along the route.

It was here Simon split off as he had to go back to the Green Dragon to manage Sunday lunches.

Ben and Macca decided to grab some extra time on the road and further enjoy the beautiful morning.

Out to Charney, up to Longworth and then a loop via Lyford and back to Denchworth.

Macca completed his ride 15 minutes later in Wantage.

A stunning morning, much fun and laughter and a superb ride – what more could you ask for?

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