It’s Way More Than Just Riding a Bike…

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9th February 2017

Written by Allen Stacey

Our training is not all about riding our bikes, although it does make up the largest part of it. When we are not doing group or individual rides the team members can be found in the gym, doing spin classes and even a bit of reading to improve knowledge.

The Engine House

Once a month we all head to The Engine House Gym at Ardington for a team gym session run by our very own personal trainer Jasmine from Jasmine Stacey PT. During these sessions we concentrate on core strength / stability and CV fitness, 2 key aspects for cycling. 

Most of our sessions revolve around simple exercises that don’t need any equipment, so can easily be replicated at home.  The gym sessions always bring out a bit of competition to see who can do the most reps in the 30 or 40 second time limit, with Mark and Nobby competing against each other. 

Another aspect of our training is nutrition and weight control, we are all keen to have a few less kg’s to haul up the 20,000 m of climbing that we have ahead of us.

So Thursday night saw up attending a nutrition session put on by Jasmine, where we covered the macronutrients, or to you and me protein, carbohydrates and fats.

We learnt what each one does for our bodies (both good and bad) and where we source it from. Many questions and discussions followed through the evening, but I think we all came away a bit wiser and with more determination to avoid those things that aren’t so good for us, oh is that cake there?

One great thing about the internet is the amount of knowledge that is out there now, we have all taken a bit of time to read up articles about training, hill climbing and other cycling related aspects.    

It does mean that you end up needing to make up your own mine about what is practical and will work for you.  Again this provides plenty of things for us to discuss when we aren’t on the bikes.

So it’s not as easy as just riding a bicycle, there’s more to it than that.

Next week…Stewie eats a Kebab!

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