Sunny Sunday Spin

Peaky Climbers, Training Ride

2nd July 2017

After yesterday’s 100 mile rides Allen and Macca decided to embrace the beautiful Summer sun by meeting up and heading off for a sunny sunday ride at 4pm.

The legs were a little heavy after the 100 mile rides, Allen rode back from Dorset, Macca completed a local circular route with Nobby and Cricky.

The plan for the ride was a solid 2 hour tempo spin ride locally so the dynamic duo headed off towards Letcombe and up the very short but steep Holborn Hill (11%) out towards the Peaky favourite, Sincome Hill.

Sincome is a superb local climb, usually takes between 7-8 minutes and peaks at 13%. The duo headed up at a solid tempo, it was 23 degrees with very little wind…gorgeous.

Once at the top, momentum maintained it was up and over and down rapidly to Lambourn.

Turning right, the route took us from Lambourne Ridge to Ashbury Ridge, around 10 miles end to end, which was ridden into the only headwind of the day.

Lot’s of cyclists out, clearly enjoying the summer sun!

It was then down Ashbury Hill, hitting 40mph down to teh cross roads and then a superb ride in towards Shrivenham.

The pace was solid all ride and the duo kept up the pace as they headed out through Longcot, Fernham and Baulking.

It was then on to the familiar route back home through Goosey, Denchworth then on to Grove.

Alan dropped off at home, Macca continued into Wantage and home.

35.5 miles, 2:08, averaging 16.6mph.

Super ride, awesome weather and great to get the 100 mile ride out of the legs.

As always great to get out!

Next week…Pre-France Training!!!

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2 Hour Sunny Spin

Sunny Sunday Spin...

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