Travel to The Alps

Peaky Climbers Team Training Camp, The Alps, France

12th July 2017

The bike boxes were picked up last Friday from and dropped off by Ben and Macca to Simon, JB and Cricky, ready to pack the bikes. 

This would be the first time any of the guys had used bike boxes before. YouTube videos educating re the why’s and wherefore’s were circulated and watched with interest. Photo’s were shared via the What’sApp group, giving each other regular updates and progress. Squeezing the bikes inonce dismantled was not as easy as first thought.

Once the wheels were in, bike frames laid in correctly it was then all about strapping in and padding out!!!

Clothes and shoes in, food, nourishment and energy drinks all slotted in and anything else none of the guys wanted to carry on. 

Macca picked JB up at 3.30pm then rendezvoused in Denchworth with Ben, Simon and Cricky. Another Peaky training trip abroad, the Peaky convoy was on the move.

After the usual joyous traffic on the M25 as we headed towards Gatwick, we arrived in plenty of time and grabbed some food and drink. 

We chose these dates and times to accommodate Mr Neil Barson, but as he had a hair appointment booked on Friday and a gig with some band or other called CU Tuesday on Saturday…he decided not to come. Some people…but we still love Nobby!

We arrived at our hotel at 2am. We need to get a good few hours sleep ahead of our toughest 48 hours cycling ever! 

We are raising £30,000 for BRITISH Lung Foundation and Caring Cancer Trust

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A Cheeky 50 miles

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Peaky Climbers Team is raising funds for two amazing charities: BRITISH LUNG FOUNDATION and CARING CANCER TRUST

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