The Day Before the London100

Peaky Climbers Team Ride, London100

30th July 2017

The long-awaited flagship of UK cycle sportive calendar had arrived ‘Ride London 100’ and 7 of the Peaky Climbers set off to the Capital to take on the Olympic road race course made famous in 2012, with Grench rider Kevin Sanders making up the Team of 8 due to Nobby having band and family commitments.

Base camp was Jonny B’s sister, Lesley’s, amazing house in Islington and the hospitality couldn’t have been better, from a warm welcome upon arrival to catering for Pescatarians and ‘normal people’ to kicking family out of their own bedrooms to accomodate us and a 4am breakfast service from topman Ollie. 

Macca & Allen drove direct to the Excel in the car to register whilst John, Cricky, Graham & Kevin cycled across a busy London on their bikes to meet up with the Skipper.

Registration complete, even with the long lines, the boys toured the show area, picking up last minute spares and energy nutrition with Cricky ensuring he had an ample supply after his Alps ticking off from Macca. 

The cyclists then returned to base camp through a rain storm including a bad timed puncture for Kev near Kings Cross and met up with Simon who was late arriving.    

A great evening of food and drink soon followed. The hospitality from Lesley and Nigel was incredible, a huge thanks from all the team.

Spirits were high and it wasn’t long before the boys broke into song. We have been searching for the right Peaky song for ages and Honorary Peaky, Mr Sanders, showed an amazing talent for re-writing some top songs with Peaky Climber lyrics. Mr Brightside being one of the most successful of the evening, watch more on YouTube here. 

It was also wonderful that Lesley mistook Allen for Cricky. As can be seen by the photo below…the new ‘Mitchell Brothers’ have now bonded! Watch out Nobby, a new bromance is on the way.   

Just before at midnight the lads retired to bed in anticipation of their 4am alarm clocks sounding!

However, at 1:30am the Team was completed when Ben, who had driven through the night after his work committments, arrived in North London for his 2½ hours of sleep. 

A massive massive massive thanks to Lesley, Nigel and family for allowing 8 x crazy Peaky Climbers to stay at their wonderful house for the weekend.

Tomorrow…the London100

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