Peaky Climbers Epic 7 Day Challenge

11th September 2017

As we left the D’etigny Hotel the weather was lovely and mild and we thought we were in luck so all bar Allen & JB we all went for lighter clothing but as we left Luchon and the rain came and before we knew it we were all soaked through. 

The first part of the ride we had the luxury of a 10km semi flat warm up to get our legs going again before we started climbing. Mark was pleased about this as he was feeling it after day 2.

The gentle warm up soon became tougher as we started the Col De Mente and into an average of 9% rising 850m for 10km. As we have found on day 1 and 2 we would get into pairs and encourage each other up the arduous climbs.

At the top of the Col De Mente we had the pleasure of a luxurious café, or at least a cafe that was open, where we had a much celebrated coffee and enabled us to get out of the awful weather, everyone was absolutely wet through.

Once we’d all arrived, supped our coffees we then put all the layers back on and headed out into the pouring rain down 10km and immediately into the Col De Aspet.
This climb was far shorter at 4km rising 400m but with an average of 10% it was due to be a steep one. 

As we approached the foot of the climb most of us de-robed and headed up in pairs. The rain continued and with the tree cover felt like being in a rain forest. The first part of the climb was a savage 14% which got the heart rate racing.

A little into the ride we went past the monument of Fabio Casartelli who died in the 1995 Tour de France descending the mountain we were climbing. The last part of the climb was tough and as we approach the brow of the hill the very strong gusts of wind hit us. The vans were running and one by one we climbed in to get a little warmer and some respite from the shocking conditions, with some hope of drying out a little.

We all headed to the summit sign for the compulsory photo opportunity to prove we’d completed the climb. No sooner had we arrived at the top were we piling on the layers and heading down for a long 30km ride to the finish.

The finish was in the town of Saint Girons which couldn’t come sooner as by this time we were all soaked through again. Our tour guides Peter & Jack had gone ahead to arrange a venue for lunch and a dry place to change before the 5 hour car journey to Provence. 
Part way into our journey we stumbled across the Team Sky bus but unfortunately weren’t allowed to board, as the Sky team were fighting to take pictures with the Peaky Climbers.
It was a long journey, the team split into the 2 vans.
JB and Ben took the opportunity to create one of the funniest dad dancing videos ever created and Mark kept passing wind in the other van.
Soon enough, the daunting sight of Mount Ventoux came into sight. This stunned the entire team into silence and for the next hour there was virtual silence as the guys were contemplating the day ahead and what awaited each of them tomorrow…

…each one of the Peaky Climbers could become CINGLES by climbing Mount Ventoux an incredible 3 times in one day via 3 different ascents.

Tomorrow…the Beast that is Mount Ventoux…

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Peaky Climbers Team is raising funds for two amazing charities: BRITISH LUNG FOUNDATION and CARING CANCER TRUST

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