First Team Ride of 2018

Robbo’s First Peaky Climbers Team Ride

4th February 2018

It’s been a tough winter for most of the Peaky Climbers since the King of the Mountains Challenge. Ben had a torn calf, Simon broke his wrist, Macca’s knees were still shocking and Allen had not ridden much, if at all since completing the challenge.

Only Cricky, Graham, Nobby and JB had been riding through the winter months. G has a challenge coming up in South Africa in March, JB, Nobby and Cricky have been keeping the hill climbing alive as always.

We agreed last week that today, we’d all get together and start building for 2018. We had the added benefit of Mr Clive Robson, who secretly has always wanted to wear lycra, agreed to join us for his inaugural ride with the Peaky Climbers.

Cricky, JB and Graham met at around 7.30am and cycled from Bishopstone and Uffington, with a couple of hills thrown in for good measure. You can’t keep a Peaky away from some hills!

Ben, Allen, Robbo and Macca agreed to meet in Wantage at 8.30am for the 35 mile ride. A wonderful moment for the morning was to see the amazing smile on Simon Haly’s face as he arrived with Ben, a real surprise for all of us as we never expected him back on his bike so early after getting his plaster cast off, superb.

Neither Nobby nor Stewie could make it out today.

Only 2 degrees when we started from Wantage, cycling through town and out the other side to rendezvous with Cricky, G and JB in West Challow.

Once the morning hugs, high 5’s and happy “great to see you buddy” greetings had been completed is was back on the PEAKY train and full steam towards Denchworth, Goosey and Charney Bassett. All super local villages we know so well, but it was incredible to be out together again.

Robbo, for his first ride was doing great. On a borrowed bike, that was serviced at JB’s Garage during the week, he was wrapped up and looked great and very much part of the team as he cycled through the beautiful countryside.

Cricky was out in front, no surprise to anyone, he had more of a beard than usual, so we didn’t know if this was to hide his extra chin! Simon rode great early on as did Ben, feeling good and ready for the year ahead.

Only good cyclists wear pink, G was resplendent in his Rapha kit. Allen was making sure the cobwebs disappeared as the ride progressed and JB was his usual bouncy self, even if a little under par. Macca’s knees were holding up as we hit Bampton and turned towards Aston.

Cricky found 2 new cycling friends, both of which I am sure he’ll befriend (or stalk) on Facebook after the ride 🙂

The cold crisp morning turned into a stunning sunny winters morning! Crisp, chilly but gorgeous…a bit like Nobby on a night out!

We stopped for a quick coffee at the Rose Revived and then pushed on, up the hill, over the top and due to time we headed to Kinston Bagpuize.

A sharp left from Kingston, heading towards Hanney on a wonderfully smooth tarmac road, the boys let loose and put their foot down. G was flying and shot past the right hand turn towards Charney/Denchworth, the rest of the team met up with him again just outside the village.

Whilst Ben & Simon dropped off home at Denchworth, Macca, Robbo and Allen headed to Grove and G, Cricky and JB headed back to where each of the started.

A superb team ride. Robbo did superbly well for his first ride of 35 miles, the rest of the team will improve ahead of a busy spring and summer’s cycling.

Next week…the plan is to ride in the Cotswolds

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