Graham & Anna in South Africa

Peaky Climber G, The Cape Rouleur, SOUTH AFRICA

5th March 2018

Written by Anna Tomkins

The Cape Rouleur is a multi-day road cycling event based out of the picturesque town of Franschhoek in the heart of the Cape Winelands (an hours drive from Cape Town).

5-days of group riding supported by 60 experienced event crew and rolling road closures through some of the most beautiful scenery on the planet.

5-days fully supported group riding in the heart of the Cape Winelands, South Africa 

3 speed groups each with a lead car, motorbike outriders, mechanic’s van and rolling road closures:

Group 1 “Race”

Group 2 “Race” or “Ride”

Group 3 “Conquer!” 


After a 3 hour delay at Heathrow we finally arrived in Cape Town Saturday morning and set off for Franschhoek.

The bike had survived the journey and first job was to put it together, the cyclist not me, I tried some wine instead 🙂

Quiet dinner and early night, it felt like a long wait for the time trial. Due to set off at 5.30pm on the Sunday in waves, for a leisurely cycle to the start.

As prep Peaky G went to check it out beforehand – good job as he went the wrong way down the road and couldn’t find it. Back on course he was pleased with his trial run.

A quiet day waiting in anticipation, he just wanted to get going. He caned it and went all out. We then waited with bated breath for hours – and he made the race group.

Well deserved for the effort and hard work. Celebratory wine and early night again.

Kit all out and ready, 6am get up and he was off again.

In the mean time I am enjoying the Wine Tram for the day, can highly recommend it.

Peaky’s cycling kit is packed and ready for an outing later in the week…… Go Peaky’s.

Some Statistics from the few days:

  • 50 qualified for group 1, and some dropped down before it started and by stage 2 they were down to 28

Day 1

  • G averaged 20.5 mph over 94 Miles in 4 hours 35 minutes.
  • Climbing was 4235 ft.
  • First hour was at 25 mph leading in to the sprint section. This was a big step up, and the GC section split in two (I’ve found out today that GC does not stand for Graham Cherrill). The pros went off like rockets and the “nearly there’s” (his words not mine) worked together to get to the end. To give it context, they were still doing 22mph for the 8 mile section but never saw the leaders.

I think this gives you some idea of the standard. Am not sure he enjoyed yesterday as it was a big change from the camaraderie of group 2.

  • The King of the Mountains was Helshoogte pass, a 3 mile climb at 5%, 10mph, never to see the leaders again as they were well away, but they did re-group for the roll back to Franschhoek.

Not even given time to take photos, only stops are for water and food.

It was 40 degrees so searing heat. Quickest ride of that type he has ever done, but he survived.

Day 2

Started much the same, first half, a “full on” 37 mile dash at 21 mph, to the bottom of the Sir Lowry’s pass where they were bussed over the pass due to safety issues. Then a 34 mile trip back, 2800ft of climbing at 18mph average including all the major sections – sprint, a timed climb up Viljoenspas (King of the Mountains, 1.6 Miles, 6% at 10 MPH)

Then straight into the GC section at 23 mph, leaders slowly disappeared into the distance……..

Today ended by climbing the beautiful Franschhoek pass.

  • 6 miles, 5% climb at 10.5mph when he finished 10 minutes behind Professional Karl Platt  – who, with 2k left for G (on the climb), was coming back down the mountain and about to do it again.

This has not deterred him from the challenge. In the mean time, I’ve tasted more wine, and relaxed by the pool.

Franschhoek is a good place .


Next week…7,000+ feet of climbing in Wales!!!

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