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Peaky Climbers / Grench, eTap Sportive, Wales

10th June 2018

The Dragon Ride L’Etape Wales by Le Tour de France! This is now one of the most iconic sportives in the UK, Dragon Ride has been selected by ASO as the perfect representation of the world’s most famous cycle event, and will offer the same inspiring Tour de France riding experience to UK cyclists.

With Allen and Macca having to pull out due to injury, this left 6 intrepid Peaky Climbers to face the daunting 1 day ride.

The South Wales event started from the picturesque Margam Park, Port Talbot.

The boys left the day before, managing to stay in rather questionable accommodation with shared toilets. Based on the KoM experience, having one’s own latrine is essential as the guys are known for multi-ablutions in the morning!!

An early rise at 5.30am to get to the start commencing the ride at 7.20am as this was scheduled to be one of the toughest day rides any of the guys had done, certainly for the Gran Fondo route.

Ben and Simon paired up and took on the ‘shorter route’ the Medio Fondo which, in fairness at 153km is far from short!

JB and Cricky joined forces leaving Graham and Nobby as the quickest riders to lead out the team to take on the 223km Gran Fondo challenge.

It was an incredibly hot day. The UK had the hottest summer since 1977 and wow, didn’t the sun stream down all day. 35+ degrees, no breeze certainly pushed the guys to the limit.

Nobby was quoted as saying this was one of the “toughest days in the saddle I ever had”. Getting cramp in the last hour or so really shows the extent of the heat and the challenge of the course.

Cricky suffered his infamous Bonking once again. JB supporting him and dragging him round all day, fuelled by the herb roast potatoes on offer provided by the excellent course management.

Shades on and Strava times running…phew what a tough day!

The 6 guys all completed the challenge and in the end tamed the eTap. Their times are as follows:

  • Ben & Simon 8:08
  • JB & Cricky 11:57
  • G 10:25
  • Nobby 10:31

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