We continue to raise funds for these two amazing charities.




The British Lung Foundation is the only UK charity fighting to help the 1 in 5 people in the UK affected by lung disease, by researching new treatments, campaigning for better awareness and services, and providing support and advice for patients, carers and family members. For further information, please visit www.blf.org.uk. For help and support, call the BLF Helpline on 03000 030 555.

“This inspiring cycling challenge by Paul and the Peaky Climbers is a fantastic way to raise awareness of the impact of lung disease. We rely on generous fundraisers like Paul to help us fund research and give hope to the 12 million people living the UK with lung disease. We wish the team luck in their training and on-going challenge.”

Dr Penny Woods

Chief Executive, The British Lung Foundation


  • IPF – Affects 32,500 people in the UK and sadly takes the lives of 5,300 people each year. That’s over twice as many as die on Britain’s roads each year. IPF causes continuous scarring of the lungs, making it increasingly difficult for a person to breathe. It has no known cause, no cure, and average life expectancy after diagnosis is just three years.

For more information on IPF visit: www.blf.org.uk/IPF

  • COPD – Affects 1.2 million people in the UK, 115,000 people diagnosed each year. Nearly 30,000 people die from COPD each year making it the second biggest cause of death from lung disease. There is no cure. With COPD your airways become inflamed and air sacs in your lungs are damaged. This causes your airways to become narrower, makes it harder to breathe in and out.

For more information on COPD visit: www.blf.org.uk/COPD



Caring Cancer Trust provides escorted Healing Holidays of Adventure and Inspiration for children recovering from cancer, helping them regain their lost self-confidence and re-ignite their passion for life after the trauma and suffering caused by their life-threatening illness, debilitating treatment and surgery . For further information about CCT support and research see us on www.caringcancertrust.com

“Caring Cancer Trust are both delighted and honoured to have been chosen as a sponsored charity for the Peaky Climbers King of the Mountains Cycle Challenge 2017. The money raised will support the charity’s Kids2Go Alpine Healing Holidays of Adventure for Children with Cancer, giving them back their self-confidence and joy of life after the acute trauma of their life-threatening illness, debilitating treatment and surgery.”

Ian MacWatt

Trustee & Honorary Secretary. Oct 2017, Caring Cancer Trust



So far we have raised over £57,000 for these two amazing charities. BRITISH LUNG FOUNDATION and CARING CANCER TRUST need our support!


GOAL £30,000 / RAISED £65,000

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Peaky Climbers Team is raising funds for two amazing charities: BRITISH LUNG FOUNDATION and CARING CANCER TRUST

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